Amy-Person-BinocularsMy philosophy of the human experience is that it is a “full experience”. Accordingly, it is normal to struggle with the complexities of life. How gracefully we do this depends on how conscious we are to our reactions when challenges present themselves.

In my private practice, my specialty is working with people as individuals and seeing each person’s unique self. It is our differences which distinguish us from others and, when made conscious, these differences can support us in overcoming adversity.

Therapy is a creative process that a client and therapist embark on together. The process asks a great deal of each person and of the relationship. The stronger the relationship, the more powerful the change.

Everyone uses both mindful and self-obscured methods in managing their pain. Here, together, we will start to replace the systems you use which are causing even more pain with healthy, conscious methods of dealing with all of your challenging life situations, past and present.

Therapy takes a commitment from both you and the therapist to create a place where you can change old and fractured patterns into new and conscious designs.

Hope is Not a Strategy