“We cannot solve our problems in the same state of consciousness
in which we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

Amy-Two-DogsThe clients of Amy Person enjoy the benefits of her broad range of training, professional employment and her personal research. This wealth of experience has prepared her for almost every conceivable emotional health actuality.

Amy has synthesized and integrated her vast body of clinical experience since 1987 into her private practice for the past 17 years. She has trained mental health professionals since 1993. In her role as a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, she has trained dozens of Counselors in the area of family therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy. For seven years, Amy served as Therapist and Treatment Director for the Foster Home Program at the Settlement Home for Children in Austin, Texas. She developed specialized groups, trainings, and multi-family therapy groups for the treatment of trauma in families. Amy became a certified Experiential Ropes facilitator and used that modality to treat children and Adolescents for trauma and depression.

For four years, Amy specialized in Psychiatric Assessments and Crisis Intervention at Shoal Creek Hospital in Austin, Texas. She performed psychiatric emergency assessments and assisted people in crisis.

In the seven years Amy lived in New York City, she was a Psychodiagnostician and Therapist at the Manhattan Continuing Day Treatment Program. Her focus in that work was in working with Severe mental illness. She trained in Diagnostic Testing at the City University of New York. Her experience there in the intellectual and psychological testing of children laid the early foundation for what has now become her private practice.

Every client Amy sees will have a different experience in their recovery and treatment, such as it is with issues of psychology and especially the psychology of individuals. All paths lead in all directions. This is her experience. This is her work.